Honey Rosemary Lamb Chops

Honey Rosemary Lamb Chops


2 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar

1 Stem Rosemary, chopped

2 Cloves garlic

1 tsp honey

1 c. Olive Oil

1 tsp dijon Mustard

salt & pepper to taste




1 c. carrot, diced

1 c. celery diced

¼ c. opinion diced

2 bay leaves

1 tsp honey

2 tbsp unsalted butter

¼ cup tomato puree

6 c. beef stock

2 c. Barolo wine


MARINADE: In a bowl combine all marinade ingredients. Whisk until combined evenly. marinate the lamb chops in the bowl for 2 ½ hours at room temperature.

DEMI-GLAZE: Put sauté pan over high heat and add butter. When butter becomes brown combine demi-glaze ingredients. Sauté until golden and top with Barolo wine. Remove pan from heat and cover ingredients with tomato puree. Place pan in preheated oven (550 degrees) for 30 minutes or until brown. Remove pan from oven and add stock until reduced. Then drain liquid, place in a small sauté pan, and add honey until thick.
Grilled lamb chops arrange on plate and drizzle with demi-glaze.